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Tiny Dance, Ballet, Tap or HipHop (30min): 

We believe one is never too old or young to dance! Our Tiny /Parent and me classes are an introduction to dance and tumbling for children 18 months to five years old. Students learn to follow instructions in a group setting, while learning basic ballet, tap and hiphop steps, as well as basic tumbling. They focus on coordination while singing and playing musical games and using props and learning routines. In our Parent and Me classes the parents join us in moving the student through the structure and various routines of the class.

Ballet 5yrs-Adult (45-90min):

The core of all dance technique, Ballet is an excellent class for dancers to develop grace. In Ballet students will learn all of the fundamentals of technique and placement. Body awareness and flexibility are also great components of the class. Whether the dancer is looking to become a professional dancer, exercise or simply dancing for the love of dancing Ballet will encourage growth and grace.

Stretch n’ Strength 5yrs-Adult (45-90 min):

This class is designed to stretch and strengthen our dancers. The dancers will focus on dance based exercises that will encourage them to find and maximize the muscles needed for the maximum result of various dance techniques.

Contemporary 5yrs-Adult (45-90 min):

Contemporary is a class that varies in technique and style dependent upon the instructor. In a contemporary class one will generally utilize ballet, modern and jazz technique, sometimes the instructor may choose not to incorporate techniques in the class choreography. This exhilarating class can change from one week to the next. In this class students will have the opportunity to experience a multitude of styles as well as expressions through movement, enhancing the student’s flexibility when it comes to the changing of styles and movement patterns.

Alignment Flow     Adult (45-60 min):

This fitness class is a fusion of progressive ballet technique and yoga. Focusing on moving the body through yoga poses, stretches' and core exercises to strengthen the whole body. Students will learn to utilize their breath and core to control the  movements of their body. This is a great class for those that have always wanted to achieve the look of a "dancers body". 

Tap 5yrs-Adult (45-60 min):

 In this class dancers wear shoes fitted with heel and toe taps to make sounds and audible beats by rhythmically striking the floor or any other hard surface. Classic tap technique is based on articulation of the foot, learning syncopated rhythms, tap terminology, improvisation and dancing with the entire body.

Stretchalotez 10yrs-Adult (45-90 min):

A class that combines pilates technique with a variety of stretch combinations, “stretchalotez” is great for all movers.This class is mostly floor based work. The beginning mover will leave with an understanding of how to stretch and which muscles will facilitate different types of movement while the advanced or intermediate mover will be able to take different path than normal when it comes to stretching the commonly used muscles. This class will leave students feeling lengthened and fresh.

Gotta Groove 18yrs-Adult:

Gotta Groove is designed for individuals of all skill levels and backgrounds, this fun-filled class is perfect for those who simply want to dance and let loose. Regardless of the dance style, whether it's jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, or even a fusion of various genres, each class will  provide a welcoming space for you to explore your creativity and connect with others who share the love of dance. The energizing routines and exercises will enhance your coordination and flexibility. So, let go of inhibitions and join us in a place where you can freely dance, move, and experience the pure joy of being in the rhythm.

Ballet/Tap Combo, Ballet/Tumbling, HipHop Tumbling 3-5yrs (45 min):

 In our combo classes students learn to follow instructions in a group setting, while learning basic ballet, jazz, hiphop, tap steps, or basic tumbling. They focus on coordination while occasionally using props and learning routines. Dependent upon the style of classes.

Technique 5yrs-Adult (45-90 min):

Turns and Leaps Technique is an important component in every dancer's repertoire and will enhance all dance styles. Our Turns and Leaps classes break down the most basic of turns (chaine, pique, pirouette) and leaps (grand jetes and second jumps) through the advanced turns (fuetes, a la seconds, grand pirouettes) and leaps (double stags, split leaps, etc) . Our goal is to train the student to execute a series of complicated Turns and Leaps combinations technically correct and safely while enhancing the students knowledge and strength of technique.

Jazz 5yrs-Adult (45-90 min):

A fun and lively form of dance, Jazz encompasses a multitude of styles: Theatre Jazz, Traditional Jazz, Modern, African, Contemporary, Lyrical - the list is endless. Jazz dance has become popular through film and television. It is a style of dance that has a technical element as well as an element of freedom. Jazz consists of creative and different moves, footwork, floorwork, leaps and turns. Once a dancer falls in love with Jazz he or she will want and need to take ballet in order to enhance his or her fundamentals of technique

Lyrical 5yrs-Adult (45-90 min):

Lyrical is a class that combines both Jazz and Ballet Technique. In a lyrical class students learn not only technique but also about expression, showing an expressive musicality. Lyrical classes strive to teach the dancer how to physically express not only the music, but the story behind the music and or choreography. While enhancing the student’s connectivity to music, students will also strengthen and learn classical jazz and ballet technique.

HipHop 5yrs-Adult (45-60 min):

For those in search of innovative and contemporary movement and great music in an atmosphere of safe self-expression and fun HipHop is the place to be. HipHop is not limited to one style or technique, a HipHop class may include many elements and styles such as, B-Boy, Pop/Lock, Floating, Urban Funk, and even Break-Dance!! Each style is individual depending on the instructor. Students will gain confidence and have the opportunity to find their personal stylistic flow.

Samba 7yrs-Adult (45-60 min):

This Brazilian style samba class will feature instruction on footwork, arm and hip movements. This class is open to females and males. Both groups will learn styling unique to them. Choreographies will be taught utilizing various Brazilian genres of music including samba batucada, samba Reggae, Afro Brazilian dance, capoeira, and much more.

Barre Fitness 14yrs-Adult:

This class utilizes basic ballet technique along with a variety of basic to complex movements that train the body like dancer through fitness. Utilizing a ballet barre for balance, strength and flexibility. This class is great for someone who wants to dance but is not quite ready to walk into Ballet as well as someone who has the dance background. Both participants are able to achieve their physical fitness goals through this well rounded class.

Salsa 16yrs-Adult:

Get ready to feel the pulsating rhythms and infectious energy of Salsa music. As you move to the captivating beats, you'll experience the joy of dancing connecting through every step and spin. Our Salsa class is designed for dancers of all levels, from absolute beginners to seasoned pros. You'll learn the fundamental steps, turns, and footwork that define the essence of this passionate dance form. Our experienced instructor will guide you through each movement, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable on the dance floor.

This is an awesome dance studio. The owner, Natalia, is so amazing with the dancers. They offer a variety of classes at different times to accommodate different schedules. I recommend them to everyone.

Crystal Johnson

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